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Made for Educators,
Built by Students.

Did you know that K-12 Educators spend over 12 hours per week

creating and looking for educational content?

(K-12 Market Advisors, Marci Goldberg)

At the heart of education lies the fundamental interaction between an educator and a student, a nurturing process that is inherently human and multifaceted. Yet, the reality of modern teaching demands an excessive amount of ancillary work, much of which is repetitive and monotonous.

Our team members have been on both sides of a teacher's desk. We understand spending hours creating assignments or customizing educational content to cater to students' growth. We understand the extent of work that educators invest outside the classroom to make every moment with their students impactful. 

Relationships are foundational to learning.

At the very center of education is the profound connection between a teacher and a student, a bond that lays the groundwork for genuine learning and growth. This relationship is the cornerstone upon which students develop not only academically but also personally, fostering trust, curiosity, and a love for learning. It's within this dynamic that the most impactful and enduring education takes place, transcending the mere acquisition of knowledge to truly shape a student's worldview and character.

Recognizing this, we're committed to nurturing these fundamental relationships through the power of AI. By automating more routine aspects of educating, our platform ensures educators can dedicate more of their valuable time to building and strengthening their relationships with students. 


Our platform has been made with strong educator input.

We understand educators don't have time to learn complicated systems, which is why, with feedback from thousands of educators, we've been able to cater our process from 0 to 1 with an educator's best interests in mind.  We've made over 10,000 educators' lives easier, and plan to take that number into the millions.

Every educator operates within a unique context.


This insight is what renders educators indispensable. To ensure our platform has a significant impact, it's flexible to cater to your specific environment. Whether it's adjusting a student's grade level, meeting certain educational goals, using IEPs, adhering to your teaching philosophy, or building upon previous knowledge. 

– Aryan & Adam | UC Berkeley


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